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How To Go From Boring to BADASS in the Bedroom!

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Discover The 69 Ways to Blow Her Mind and fuck Her Brains Out!

Do you know the #1 complaint women have about guys and sex? Straight up, it's boring.

Sure, in the beginning it's new. Novel. Refreshing. It's always a turn-on.

But now?

She's done the same damn thing, the same predictable way - for months, or even YEARS.

The novelty has worn off and... she's tired of it.

She knows it may still turn the guy on, but for her? She's just going through the motions.

She probably even stopped faking her orgasms long ago.

Trust me, all her girlfriends know she's tired of screwing the guy the same way, all the time.

It's fucking pathetic, she'll tell her girlfriends.

Frankly, if given half a chance, she's going to monkey branch to the next guy and she's not going to look back.

Here's how to stop that shit in its tracks:

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It's Time To Up Your Bedroom Game!

You're reading this page because you want to know one thing...

How to make your object of desire want, need and demand to fuck you...

You want women to ADORE you in bed. Treat you as if you were a god. To drench your world in love.

Do what I tell you and you're going to be able to...


This is the definitive guide to taking the sex you have with your woman to the highest possible level in the shortest amount of time.

What do I mean when I say "The highest possible level?"

Well, if you follow the steps I lay out in "69 Ways to Blow Her Mind and Fuck Her Brains Out", in the order I present them to you, you'll have the following types of ORGASM working for your woman:

  • Master Giving Your Woman These Eight Bed-Rocking Orgasms
  • Explosive Clitoral Orgasms
  • Screaming, Moaning & Groaning Anal Orgasms
  • Satisfying Vaginal Orgasms
  • Teasing Nipple Orgasms
  • Bed-Soaking Squirting Orgasms
  • Romantic Ear and Lip Orgasms
  • Deep Cervical Orgasms
  • And "Mindgasms"

Needless to say, once you have all those types of orgasms working for your woman, once you give her wet-ass pussy what it really wants, she'll be addicted to you in the bedroom and...

You'll feel like a TOTAL STUD. GUARANTEED.

You'll Know EXACTLY How to Release your Woman's True ORGASM POTENTIAL…

She even experiences overlapping orgasms, one right after the other, on top of each other.

Tremors upon tremors. Earthquakes upon earthquakes.

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Yes, it's more than possible and YOU are able to do it (regardless of your size down there).

The second major benefit - is your woman becomes ADDICTED to you because of the amount and DIVERSITY of pleasure you're giving her.

Believe me when I tell you she's going to do virtually ANYTHING you want in the bedroom once you start giving her a multitude of different orgasms.

The little-understood reason why she'll become so keen, so eager to please you is because women are creatures of sexual reciprocation.

You give her an orgasm and she'll ravish you, reciprocating with the best sex you've ever had.

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But There Are 3 Things You Should Know…

  • My program is VERY EXPLICIT and NOT for the easily offended. (We have received "hate mail" from outraged feminists for Methods #17 and #62, specifically)
  • It is expensive. And therefore my program is not for guys who are too much of a pussy to implement the methods, tactics and techniques described within.
  • Each method is GUARANTEED to work. I've personally not just tested, but researched and PERFECTED each one

No Punches Pulled, Here's What You're Going to Discover in Bedroom Boss: 69 Ways to Blow Her Mind and Fuck Her Brains Out ...

Relive your hormonally-high teenage years when your first sexual encounter with her was probably a mutual wanking session under the bleachers at school. (She was probably giving you a hand job and you were fingering her to orgasm.) Here's how to do it again and make it even more fun.

There's something about the weekend getaway. It doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to be away. Away from the distractions, the bills or whatever that sucks the life out of your sex life. Let me show you how I do it.

the new alpha mastery position

How to make her experience explosive orgasms that rip through her body all night long (Yes, MULTIPLE anal orgasms are involved).

A new sex position that involves grinding, as opposed to thrusting - with toe-curling, scream-the-house-down results!(She'll want you to do it again and again).

How to execute the art of double penetration.

How to use the power of contrast. Treat her like a frickn' princess one minute, then dominate the hell out of her the next.

When you're punishing her, why it's critical for each spank to make a crisp clear crack.

Give her A TRUE COMBINATION ORGASM by giving her clitoral AND vaginal orgasms —AT THE SAME TIME! Make her pussy wet and dive in!

How to tease her until you push her to her breaking point - breaking point being the point where she's so HORNY and desperate to feel more that she literally BEGS YOU to give her what she wants.

The one place you'll have explosive, uninhibited sex(trust me, you'll have crazy good sex when you get it on with your woman here)

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Who is Bedroom Boss:

69 Ways to Blow Her Mind and fuck Her Brains Out for?

If you and your woman are struggling in the bedroom, 69 Ways is for you...

If you're looking for a new girl to focus your affections on, 69 Ways makes you a pussy magnet…

If you're looking to make a huge impression on the object of your affection, 69 ways will set you apart from every other guy she has ever been with...

If sex and romance has all but dried up, 69 Ways breathes new life into your sex life…

If you just want to be more masterful in the bedroom, there's no better way than 69 Ways to Blow Her Mind and Fuck Her Brains Out...

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