Cleverfy Shower Steamers Aromatherapy

Gift Set of 6 Shower Bombs with Essential Oils for Relaxation and Nasal Congestion. Eucalyptus and Menthol Shower Steamer. Green Set

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  • Superior Self Care: Our shower steamers are made cruelty-free with essential oils, natural fragrances and offer pleasantly strong scents. Enjoy the benefits of an aromatherapy spa from home.
  • Scent-Sational: This refreshing and relaxing 6-pack of shower tablets for congestion features the fresh scents of 6x Menthol & Eucalyptus. Select one and spoil yourself.
  • Mind & Body: A home-spa experience like no other. Our shower melts help unwind and relax in the evenings and kickstart the day with great mood and energy. Say hello to restful sleep and energized mornings!
  • The Greatest Gift: Need some unique ideas for Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers for women, or perhaps just birthday gifts for women and men in your life? Our shower soothers are made for every occasion.
  • Home Spa: Enjoy daily serenity as you shower the stress away. Place one of your shower fizzies in the corner of your shower and do not submerge it. Breathe slowly and deeply and enjoy the moment.

Cleverfy is a small beauty and wellness company from the Northern European country called Estonia.

We take pride in the quality of our products and because of that we are one of the leading brands in the shower aromatherapy experience market.

Our shower bombs are the most reviewed on the market thanks to being used and tested by millions of customers from around the world.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Zea Mays (corn) Starch, Essential Oil & Fragrance, DL-Menthol, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, PEG400. Pigment contains: D&C Red 33 (CI 17200), FD&C Yellow 5 (CI 19140), FD&C Blue No.1 (CI 42090), FD&C Red 40 (CI 16035)

Do you just place the puck on the shower floor?
Hi! Yes. Just make sure that the tablet is not submerged on the water and avoid the areas where it is hit by a heavy stream of water from your shower.

Can these be used as a bath bomb as well?
Thank you for your question. The product is designed to be used while taking a shower. Don't drown the tablet!. During showering, you'll get the most out of the scent and therefore I don't recommend drowning our steamers, like bath bombs, while taking a bath and expecting the same aroma benefits you'll get while showering.

  • How to use the tablets while taking a bath:
  • 1. Leave the tablet on the bath ledge
  • 2. Soak the tablet with droplets from your wet hand
  • 3. Keep adding water droplets to keep the tablet fizzing.
  • 4. Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits!

How long will the shower steamers last?
It depends on how small or big the shower is. If the shower floor is small where the water would constantly hit the shower steamer placed on the floor, it will dissolve within 3-6 minutes with a maximum scent experience. And if it is big, it will last one shower. But then again, it depends on how long you take your shower. Thus, we recommend placing the shower steamer where it would be hit with a light stream of water from the shower. It could be on the shower floor, shower shelf, or on the side of a bathtub if it's a tub-shower

Purchased the eucalyptus and menthol shower steamer. They do have a very strong scent that did the job helping clear my sinuses. Didn't last as long as I would have liked them to but on the other hand i do take long showers. The disc also did not leave a residue on the floor of the shower. I did place the extra disc in a ziploc bag due to the strong scent. Nice packaging to give as a gift.

This is my third purchase of Cleverfy Shower bombs and the lavender is one of my favorite scents. Smells strong in the shower then gradually fades. I can get 3 showers from each large tablet if I am careful. I put it in the corner of the shower or on one of the built in shelves where water splashes on it, but not directly. I also put it on a designated sponge or soap holder. The soap holder makes it easier to use use more than once. It allows what is left of the tablet to dry out between showers. Sometimes though, I will take a really long shower and use up the entire tablet. I recommend these to my friends and give them as gifts. It is a great self care item and the lavender scent is relaxing and soothing.

I ordered these as gifts because I had previously ordered for myself and loved them. They arrived on time, are nicely packaged in a pretty box (you will need to wrap), and the scent is perfect. I've tried another brand but couldnt even smell those. These have a nice scent, but are not too strong and last throughout the shower. The only negative thing I can say is the individual packs are hard to get open. Each one is tightly wrapped to preserve the scent I imagine but I have to work and work with scissors to get them out. I will purchase these again for sure.

Best out there hands down, and I have tried them all. Smells great and lasts my entire shower. I do things a little bit different than most people. I put in mine in a cap I had from the bottle and add a little water. I put it on my shelf in the bathroom so it’s closer to my face and I smell it the entire time. I start with just a little amount of water and add as needed. Works for me

The smells are lovely. I've tried a couple different scent packs. They work great if you keep them out of the direct water stream and in a spot where they only get a little bit of water. To much water and they wash away pretty quick. My only complaint is they are wrapped up on several layers of sticky plastic and really difficult to open.

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